Does Spam Assassin work on email accounts with forwarding ? SpamAssassin works on all incoming emails, including mail that is forwarded to another email... How can I manage the spam I am receiving? ... How do I add my email account to Entourage (Mac)? To add an email account to Entourage v11 please follow the below steps:- Open Entourage and... How do I add my email account to Outlook Express 6.0? To add your email account to Outlook Express - Version 6.0 please open Outlook Express and... How do I create an email forwarder? To create an email forwarder please login to your cPanel account at:... How do I insert URLs and jpegs in webmail? Horde is one of the many email programs offered through and is the best to use... How do I setup my email account to use Mac Mail ? To setup your email account using Mac Mail please follow the steps below: -... How many emails can I send an hour ? shared servers allow an account to send a total of 100 emails per hour. If you... Is IMAP supported? IMAP is enabled by default on the shared hosting server plans, there is no configuration required... What is Email spoofing ? Email spoofing is when someone sends an email that looks like it came from a domain... Why are my emails not getting to Hotmail or Yahoo customers ? It is common for messages from certain IPs to be filtered based on the... Why can I not send e-mails? If you are having difficulty sending e-mails using a program such as Outlook, Outlook...
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